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Photography Gallery

Here at Homalco Wildlife & Cultural Tours we have been fortunate to work with some extremely talented photographers, check out some of their photos below! All photos were taken on our tours.

Want to be featured? Contact us to get your photos on our website!


Chase Teron

Chase is a full time photographer, videographer and photography instructor based on Vancouver Island. Chase is extremely passionate about nature and animals and hopes his photography and videography will driver positive change in respecting our environment. 

Check out his instagram @Chase.Teron

or his website

Kristian Gillies Photography

Kristian Gillies is a talented photographer from Vancouver Island, BC. A conservation biologist with a camera, Kristian's talent for photography speaks for itself in the amazing images he takes!

Check out his social media below:



Jenni Naturally

Jenni is a Photographer, Videographer, Wildlife Guide, Environmentalist and Conservationist. Her biggest passion is spending time with animals and nature and sharing it with the world. 

Check out her Instagram at @JenniNaturally 

or her website

Oliver Tweedie Photography

Oliver is a great photographer specializing in wildlife photography. Located on Vancouver Island, Oliver offers prints of his photography via his Instagram. Check out more of his photos on his Instagram.


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