Kristian Gillies Photography

Kristian Gillies is a talented photographer from Vancouver Island, BC. A conservation biologist with a camera, Kristian's talent for photography speaks for itself in the amazing images he takes!

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Matt Shannon Photography

Matt has been a published photographer specializing in landscape, travel and tourism photography for ten years. He teaches photography to beginners as well as experience photographers. Matt is an avid hiker and camper and has traveled the West Coast extensively. It was Vancouver Island unique beauty which inspired him to choose a career in photography. 

Matt's incredible eye for photography shows in all his amazing work. For more information, check out his website www.mattshannonphotography.com

Dave Hutchison Images

With 15 years photography experience and over 20 years of business experience, Dave has over 75 images published in books, magazines, calendars, etc. around the globe.  Dave is continuously inspired by both landscape and wildlife photography and has photographed across Western Canada and the Yukon, many US states and recently Italy.

Dave is also an advocate for sound old growth forest management practices and believes that increasing public awareness through photography and videography, we can come to terms with preserving old growth forests in BC and beyond. Dave's images continue to amaze us, check out his website at https://www.davehutchison.ca/


Photography Gallery

Here at West Coast Grizzly Bear Tours we have been fortunate to work with some extremely talented photographers, check out some of their photos below! All photos were taken on our tours.

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