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has a bear crossed your path lately?

 Departing at 10:30am daily, join us aboard our covered vessels, where we will embark on a 8-9 hour journey along the beautiful British Columbia coastline towards The Bute Inlet for an experience that you will never forget! Along the way, keep your eyes open and cameras ready for Whales, Seals, Sealions, Dolphins and Eagles! You never know what may be on the way!
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Upon arrival at the head of Bute Inlet, the Homalco First Nations Adventure Guides will greet our tour group and lead the way from this point. Your tour guides will provide a traditional greeting and short orientation before boarding the bus. There is plenty of history to learn in this area of the Homalco First Nations so be sure to ask them to tell a story or two!


From each platform you will witness salmon spawning as they complete their fascinating life cycle.  These fish, being mainly chum salmon, congregating as they do are the very reason grizzly bears make their way down from the mountains to the river estuaries. It is vital for the bears survival to gain as much weight as they can to last them through the cold winter months in hibernation. We will spend 3 hours quietly observing the mighty Grizzlies in their natural habitat. While observing the bears, you may see other animals such as Elk, Deer, Wolves, Cougars, Black Bear, Bald Eagles, Vultures and many other birds throughout the valley! Don't forget your camera!

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After experiencing the wild Grizzlies in their habitat, we will return to the dock for the journey back to Campbell River! Along the way, you will have many more opportunities to view the beautiful West Coast scenery and marine life! A delicious lunch is also included in your tour!

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Homalco Wildlife & Cultural Tours is a proud member of the Commercial Bear Viewing Association of BC, creating sustainable bear viewing in British Columbia and aiding in the protection of wild bears and their ecosystems. 

Homalco Wildlife & Cultural Tours

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